One more for the Oregon adventure list, hiked the cathedral tree trail to the Astoria column. A 300 year old tree is a site to behold.

Everything that used to work is still working and I now have functioning solar as well. Also, now I know what all the wires do.

My wife was just doing my daughters hair this morning before they head to camp drop-off. My daughter was fussing that it hurt, to which my wife replied, “No one said it was easy to be beautiful.”

My daughter immediately replied “It was a few minutes ago!” ☠️

I’ve been getting the Westy ready for our summer camping trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Trying to wire up Solar and the new battery. Finding myself wishing the previous owner had labeled literally anything.

I am dying. Woke up this am and my yard waste bin was missing. Online it costs $50 to replace and I started getting righteous. Then I discover waste management records a video of every pickup. … They are replacing it for free. 😂…

Yesterday I noticed this thing on a telephone pole near my house. It’s about 8 feet up and doesn’t have any wires coming out of it. It looks like it has an antenna similar to a wireless access point. Any guesses what this might be?

Embroidered graffiti is now my favorite graffiti.

🎨 Slowly seeing progress in watercolors. It really helps to take a break and look at your work later.