Updated 12.28.18

My new favorite way of opening a conversation with someone I just met is to ask ‘What keeps you busy?’. It is an invitation to for them to take the lead on what interests them. Sometimes it’s work, more often, it’s hobbies, projects, or family.

This is what is currently keeping me busy …

  • Closing out 2018. I’ve been following along with Ink + Volt’s Year End Planningto get perspective on the year.
  • Prepping for 2019, trying out the RESET course to try out 2019 in an intentional way.
  • Mixing business books in with my usual fiction. Currently picking away at The Messy Middle, so far 👍
  • I’m on to year 5 of reading every X-Men comic, starting with Giant Sized #1. I started on my own but since I discovered Jay & Miles X-plain the X-men I’ve been following along with them.
  • I got a SNES Classic for Christmas this year and started playing Super Metroid. I never had a SNES as a kid but I did have the original Metroid. I could never make any progress so I’m looking forward to playing this. I haven’t played a console in years.

Inspired by Derek Sivers and many others.