A couple days a week I run commute to work.

A couple days a week I run commute to work. The day before I’ll bring extra clothes and anything else I’ll need to the office. During the run I’ll try to bring as little as possible, just a credit card, my ID, Airpods, and my LTE Series 3 Apple Watch. Having watch only’ days really reminds you of the rough edges.

Strava supports recording your run without the phone but will not upload the results without the companion app. It drives me nuts.

It’s impossible to call a Lyft, Car2go, or electric scooter from just the watch. Uber still has a watch app but I won’t support their business.

Text messages may choose to go to your watch … they might go to your iPad or Mac instead. There doesn’t seem to be a clear pattern.

The Washington Post app just won’t refresh without your phone. LTE be damned.

Surprisingly, this is a short list of complaints and the Messages issue is the only one that is serious. For me, it’s almost a complete phone replacement.