Comic Rocket

The web comic Order of the Stick has been going since 2003. It chronicles the story of a band of adventurers on a D&D campaign. It’s done in a stick figure style, but much closer to a regular webcomic than XKCD. It has a great sense of humor (although early strips are a bit dated) and genuine character development.

Although OOTS just published strip #1150 it’s still working on the same original plot line that it started with. At this point some of the early sub-plots and side quests are a bit hazy in my mind and I was thinking it would be nice to catch up. I wanted to read it through my RSS reader, starting over from the first comic, with 5 a day. It seemed like a pretty easy script to write, but I googled for a service first.

I found Comic Rocket which for the bill perfectly. It lets you replay an RSS feed in the increment you want. It also works for podcast feeds.