The Midlife Unraveling

Stop for love, found on a run through NE Portland last week

And, just in case you think you can blow off the universe the way you did when you were in your twenties and she whispered, Pay attention,” or when you were in your early thirties and she whispered, Slow down,” I assure you that she’s much more dogged in midlife. When I tried to ignore her, she made herself very clear: There are consequences for squandering your gifts. There are penalties for leaving big pieces of your life unlived. You’re halfway to dead. Get a move on.”

The Midlife Unraveling | Brené Brown

This entire piece wrapped me up and carried me along with it. I’m 39 now and I’m feeling the strain of getting through life. I can already tell that leaning into it and trying to tough it out will break me. Brené has a wonderful voice and the thought of relaxing into life resonates with me.