Read – Silver on the Tree

Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper

Why I grabbed it: Library | Genre: YA Fantasy | Recommended: Yes

I got all 5 books as a set from the scholastic book order form in elementary school. I remember because my mom never let me do that. Somehow though, despite getting through the Narnia books, Tolkien, and countless others, I never finished this series. I adored The Dark is Rising’ as a kid and when I came across these books at the library, decided it was time to find out. I started over from the beginning and found to my surprise that Over Sea, Under Stone’ was my favorite in the series. The Drew children were more interesting that Will by far. The long and the short is, the series was good, it’s young adult fantasy, and it’s not dystopian. The ending is strong and I look forward to reading these with my little ones.