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I’ve been keeping up on my DayOne habit fairly well, but there are some days where staring at that blank page just makes every thought drop out of my head. Initially, I had a lot of success with a simple change, just writing about the previous day. I found that with a little time for reflection I had a more nuanced look at what happened, what was important, and what I thought about it. Lately though I’ve avoided writing some days because I’m not sure what to lay down.

I ran across a shorcut from Brian Renshaw that templated his daily journal. I wanted that, but with more variety.

  1. I started by searching DuckDuckGo for Journal Prompts and blindly copying the first 4 pages of results.
  2. Next I used to turn that list of promts into a poor mans API.
  3. I built a shortcut, following Brian’s start and reading documentation as I overthought the process.
  4. Finally, I had to figure out how to share the results, thanks to the iOS 13 beta.

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